Archiving the Covid-19 Pandemic in Meghalaya

CoVID19 Pandemic. Some call it war; some see end times, some dystopia. But this uncertainty cannot be an occasion for uncertain silence. The Northeast India AV Archive created KHLAM – an archive of this pandemic by collecting experiences and impressions of how CoVid19 has affected everyday lives in Meghalaya. KHLAM will attempt to be a witness to the changes which are being wrought, policies which are being actualized, and even those moments which continue to remain the same. KHLAM comes from Khasi-Pnar word for pestilence or pandemic. We appeal to you to contribute photographs, screen captures of social media, media, communications, memes, and other expressions of the moment, audio histories, Video clips, Links, Text, emails, announcements, text messages, scientific documents, and flyers etc. Basically, any material which you think can lead us to not only remember this moment but also take lessons from it is welcome. You can contribute via the form below or contact us via email for any material which you can not upload via the contact form.

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The Northeast India AV Archive is an audiovisual public archive at the Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, India.The Archive endeavours to be more than just a storehouse of nice trinkets of novelty, it will hopefully facilitate an activation of memories that have long been forgotten or are in process of being forgotten and will be a significant repository of our legacy, and means of collecting knowledge and documenting history. Media archives in India have usually been institutes of academic or administrative nature, which intimidate common citizens. The Northeast India AV Archive strives to make the idea of archive popular and accessible. Existing both in online and offline world, NEIAVArchive promises to be both enlightening and enjoyable experience for its users. The material present at the archive are documentary films, newsreels, interviews, amateur footage, sound recordings and photographs. This material relating to the eight states of northeast India exists in various analog and digital formats. The Northeast India AV Archive is supported by The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan and the Government of Meghalaya.