Terms and Conditions

Creative Commons:
All items contributed from India and globally are made under the understanding that everything on this site follows a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Note that this site collects email addresses in order to validate submissions. These addresses are not shared. In making a contribution to Khlam, be aware that we publish the fields “creator/author” and “contributor.” If you want to personally remain anonymous please leave these fields blank as appropriate. If other than yourself, you should always cite the “creator/author,” which is the individual and/or institution that originally created the item being contributed.

Contributor Responsibilities:
We ask contributors share their photos, videos, writings, etc. about the Covid-19 pandemic by describing their experiences or reactions to the event through sharing audio, video, text, image, and other files. Contributors should identify the original creator of the files that they share, if known. Linking to source materials or identifying known creators of material is a best practice to help us maintain the integrity of the archive. We also ask that nobody under 13 years of age contribute stories without parental permission.

Copyright & Takedown:
Prior to publication, the curatorial team reviews contributions to confirm that they do not contain privacy or obvious copyright violations. The project team has made the best effort to adhere to known intellectual property and privacy rights. Due to the nature of archival collections to which broad communities are asked to contribute, the team is not always able to identify intellectual property and/or privacy information. The team is eager to hear from any rights owners so that we may obtain accurate information. Please contact us to make corrections or to request removal of materials from public access.